Would anybody be interested in a "Real world org-mode" session?


As a relatively new org-mode user, one of my big issues has been seeing (or hearing) how people actually use org-mode in their day-to-day lives. Personally, I’d like to see a session where several people show how they use org-mode themselves.

Would anybody be interested in participating in a session like this? I’m happy to organize if so.


Personally, I don’t use org-mode (Yes, yes, I know how shameful of me :frowning: ) but I would sure be interested in seeing people how they use it. I think this is pretty good idea. Maybe you can even record it and post it on youtube so theres more examples :smile:


I think this would be very useful!

Myself I want to learn more about blogging from org-mode and publishing said blog.


Yes, this would be super cool! Sent you an email.


I wouldn’t mind participating. I’ve given multiple talks on using org-mode for HTML and LaTeX publishing.



That sounds awesome! I have recently begun implementing a personal org-mode system based on GTD. I feel like I am under-utilizing org-mode in my life :slight_smile: