Streaming ala JekyllConf?


Anyone seen JekyllConf, which is being held online tomorrow (May 2)? I’m curious about whether there are any similar plans for livestreaming EmacsConf.


I do remember someone saying that live streams will be done, yes, and recordings will be put online. :smile:


Yup! Live streaming attendees will be first class citizens as far as I’m concerned. We certainly don’t want to end up with only the “cool” people who can fly out to /live in SF to be able to attend. Sounds like a great opportunity to start up a local meetup group and have an attendence party


We’re trying to find a free software alternative to Google Hangouts. Any suggestions?


Apparently webRPC might be what we’re looking for? I know nothing about it, tho.


Do you mean WebRTC? Yes we probably want something that uses that. I’m trying to find out what’s around.


Would Jitsi be a possibility? Looks like it’s LGPL licensed.


It looks alright to me. Does someone want to check it out?


I think we’d want “Jitsi Meet” rather than regular Jitsi (which is a sip client). I checked into it for a minute and it seems like a possibility, though the server side is a big Java program and it’s not real clear what its release status is. It’s not officially announced as released software and instead there are downloadable snapshots. But inside it says LGPL 2.1 license. I’ll look into it some more.

RMS also referred me to a lady in Canada who I’ve emailed but not heard anything from, and I’ll make some other inquiries. There really should be a usable solution for this.