Planning meeting @ Noisebridge

  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:42] SM: We have a venue, Sufyan has space for us at GOodreads
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:42] SM: Alex set up the subdomains, www and @ are a work in progress
  • SM: We have subdomains set up for our projects, no yet though
  • SM: discourse, gogs, website, wiki
  • P: wiki probably needs to have spam control/captcha enabled
  • P: We can get SSL cert using mail or by fudging
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 21:46] SM: What is left to do?
    • Move everything off of github on to
    • Investigate moving to crissic from AWS
    • Move people from emacsconf-org to discourse
    • Invite the google group form to an announce group in Discourse
    • Get a SSL cert for
    • Make a formal call for presentations, send that out
    • Org-powered blog
    • Mediagoblin
    • SSO via exchange/ldap
    • Calendar or some other event-type system
  • [2015-04-29 Wed 22:03] Top Priorities
    • Get us 100% on to
    • Formal CFP
    • Set up a calendaring/events systems on wiki


Just to clarify, CFP means Call for Presentations.


thanks samer, i updated the post to be more clear


For the wiki we could disabled registrations and get users to request for an account instead. In the past I used capchas in the past for my wiki, it wasn’t effective at all.


+1, though with the wiki I’m willing to wait and see if we’ll get spam
before we close it off. We already have a nice spam-bot-deterring
registration question :wink:

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