New Emacs Podcast?


Hey all!

I was discussing with a friend about creating an emacs podcast. We’re both newbies (I have ~6 months using emacs but never really had time to tinker with it and my friend has ~2 months) but we’re also enthusiastic about emacs! I seriously love that thing.

Well anyways, I was wondering what everyone thought about creating a podcast? Also I have a rough layout about episodes ideas here:
Ideas, feedback or any other thing that might be useful is welcomed.
I want this to be a community thing :smiley:


If you build it, they will come :smile:
Seriously, Just Do it! If your content is good people will listen.


I would be down! Happy to appear and listen to the podcast :smile:


There is which has something like that :).

Podcasts frankly bore the crap out of me since it’s so time consuming to get to the interesting parts, but maybe that’s just me. I’d much rather read a blog post than watch/listen to a podcast.

I had the idea of doing a call-in show with icecast, where there would be live streaming video but people could also ask questions, either over irc or by video with jitsi meet. That makes the a/v medium much more useful. We were going to use icecast for emacsconf streaming though we ended up falling back to because of network issues at the conf site. But we know how to do it now which is cool.


Yes. Build it, lots of people will listen.