Getting Started with Gnus


Friends, attached is the Org file I presented tonight about Gnus! (6.3 KB)


Thanks! The http link points to hellokittyfans and 404’s, but works when I edit it to So there is some issue with the discourse config :).

The org file is great, and very helpful. I’ve been using gnus for usenet but hadn’t really seen the possibility of using it for email. I’m psyched now :slight_smile:


I tried Gnus and found it pretty confusing. And my mail host is pretty slow, which made normal mail access a pain. Also, I still don’t understand groups haha.

I’m very happy with the notmuch email indexer and the nevermore emacs frontend for it. It’s like mu4e but easier to setup and with gmail-like thread collapsing. I use isync/mbsync because it’s easier to setup than offlineimap and wayyy faster.



password [REDACTED]

What a strange password.


I wouldn’t mind taking another look at nevermore if we get a chance sometime. I’m used to gnus for usenet but have so far hesitated re using it for email. Do either of them have a search function? I guess the actual search engine is part of the imap server.

I would really like to get my email off of remote imap but that’s more complicated and I only have half-baked ideas about how to do it.


notmuch is an email indexer, so search is built right into it (with the caveat that you need all of the email you want to search stored locally). Not sure if it’s possible to use it over the network, but you could probably configure isync to download the first X emails and delete older ones locally. What mail client do you use now?


Ehh, we can talk about this offline sometime :). Thanks.


gnus has good search, @gnusosa showed me how to do it, just GG in the articles buffer, even works with IMAP. Just creates a virtual group with all the matching messages