Getting in touch with the FSF


Right now we’re collecting tickets through eventbrite. I know the FSF has some ticket infrastructure, we should contact them to see if they will let us use it. (Also, they can help promote EmacsConf!)


What are we doing with tickets? Are we going to be selling them? Is space or attendance limited? I was imagining a typical “rsvp if possible but in practice just show up” style of meeting.

If you know anything about the fsf ticketing system I’m willing to contact them about using it. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that they had such a thing.


We won’t be selling tickets, but we should still have gratis tickets so we can have a more accurate headcount. Space is limited to 80 people.

We’re not going to turn anyone away at the door if they don’t have a ticket, but we’re also not going to advertise that fact :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, ok, Bayhac had an RSVP system where people signed up on an online spreadsheet (brand G, maybe we can use the gitit wiki instead) and then the organizers printed name badges for everyone based on the signups. Bayhac really completely filled up though. I have no idea how many to expect for the emacs conf.

I wonder if there’s a way to mark specific gitit pages as being editable without an account. Maybe I’ll try to hack that in. If it’s not linked from the main page and we just post the url in a few strategic places, spammers might not find it.

Or if we want to keep the signup info private, I could throw a simple web script together that collects the info and saves it, and maybe emails a link that the person clicks to confirm.


My plan right now is to add a ticket form to our rails app. It shouldn’t be too hard b/c we’re not processing credit cards, and I’m mostly going off of what @zackp30 already wrote for the interest form.