EmacsConf as Community Watering Hole



I penned this post on my blog tonight about sort of future-looking
vision that I have for this nascent community space.


It seems like this is a vision that at least a few of us share, the idea
that the emacsconf web spaces can be used more than just a tool to
facilitate in-person conferences.

As an example, I think, eventually, it would be super freaking neat to
run an emacs package archive that is automatically generated from the
git repos that we host; to get your package in to the emacsconf package
archive, all you have to do is create a repo and push your code to it,
it’s hosted on community-owned hardware running open source software,
and easily replicable for others in our community to run with. Not
having to futz with Github or upload packages to melpa would be a huge
win for a lot of budding Emacs-lisp programmers.


I tried to send this as an email and it bounced; how can I post fresh topics to Discourse via email?