EmacsConf 2015 Videos


I wasn’t able to watch Emacsconf live, sadly. Are the videos up yet? If so, where?


Aha, raymondillo on IRC has pointed me to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuyodzTl_KdEKNuJmeo99A/videos


You found them :slight_smile: For others, here’s a list of the videos.

Check out the videos from EmacsConf 2015 on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q9pycrxpm8l01hv/AABGCfKJVIsPN_FOUHbsXxlEa?dl=0&s=so

Alternatively, you can find the videos on YouTube. The YouTube links follow.

seq.el and map.el - Nicolas Petton - 10am

Org-Mode Exporter From Scratch - Marcin Borkowski - 11am

.emacs Workshop - 1pm

Hearing From Emacs Beginners - Gopar + mflor35 - 2pm

How To Start An Emacs Meetup! - Harry Schwartz - 3pm

Techniques and Tools for Literate DevOps - Howard Abrahms - 5pm

Emacs For Scholarly Writing - Erik Hetzner - 6pm

Wrapping Up

Lightning Talks

File sharing with Git and save hooks

engine-mode - Harry Schwartz

Emacs Lisp Backtraces - Samer Masterson

Cask and Pellet

Wanderlust and other mail clients - Erik Hetzner

Org mode, logbooks, utilities, GIFs


Calc - Marcin Borkowski

ERT and Exercism.io
Collaborative coding with tmux and tmate