Emacs conf and Emacs stickers, Tshirt



It will be awesome to come up T-shirt design for Emacs, Emacs conf. We can print locally and distribute during the conference.


Cool, are you going to do it? I think you’ve just been elected. :slight_smile:


I think that’s a really good idea. We already have a logo, which is a good starting point: http://git.emacsconf2015.org/emacsconf/EmacsConf2015-logo

Are you interested in working on a t-shirt design, or do you know anybody who would be?

We can collect t-shirt interest with the sign-up form.



For some reason I remember the kitchen-sink icon used in old versions of X windows. I don’t know if it’s still used.

Heh, found it, or a reproduction: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/TheKitchenSink

There’s also this: http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_logo.html


@phr We printed emacs logo and turned out well, here is the tweet.

@samer I don’t have prior experience in designing tshirt, I will ask in twitter/reddit and update.


Nice! For some reason I had thought you were here in California, but I see that you’re not.

I’d say throwing a simple design together isn’t that hard (I’ve done some things like it) and I know some artists who could advise. But, I think to print shirts or large numbers of stickers, we’d have to collect money in advance, which means a level of logistical hassle and bookkeeping that I don’t think we’ve really considered so far. If we want just a few stickers (like 1 or 2 per person attending the conference) and don’t mind them looking kludgy, we could make them on a laser or ink jet printer. There is also the issue that people who don’t attend the conference in person might still want t-shirts etc.

Simplest might be to just upload a design to someplace like Zazzle or Cafe Press and let people order their own shirts (those places can also make stuff like coffee mugs from the design). At that point I wonder what anyone gets out of it, though.


Hello, I’m an ads designer, and here is my proposal:


What do you think guys?


Wow, that looks fantastic! I really like the design.

I have a question about the back. I think “M-x emacsconf-2015” is really
clever, but it seems like it takes up too much space and would be hard
to read on a real t-shirt. What do you think?

Thanks so much for making this! :slight_smile: I think the design is so good that we
should sell EmacsConf t-shirts separately from the event!


To be fair, I have never print t-shirts with custom designs. I don’t know if the size larger size makes it hard to read (which I doubt).


Nice!!! It looks great and I think the text is readable. Main issue I see is it could be expensive to get it printed. T-shirt printers usually want to allocate a rather smaller print area. shirt.woot.com has some specifications since they accept designs from random people.


@shackra Good work!

Does it make sense to drop the year at the end ? “M-x emacsconf” alone ?


I think so, since the conference happens in different years.


Nice, I would buy one of the shirts. Also I think the year should stay on the shirt :smiley:


So are we fine with design and how’re we taking it further ?


So does anyone know whats the status with the shirts?


@gopar @kracethekingmaker @shackra Yes, let’s move forward with this design. A friend knows of a t-shirt startup that specializes in “good looking” custom designs, and I just asked him for the name. I’ll update you all when I hear back.


So, how went everything? :slight_smile:


Do any of the stickers or shirts still exist? My whole “unable to make it to Emacsconf” thing means I never got one :frowning:


I’m interested too! @samer are there any left?


@shackra sorry for the late reply! We didn’t end up sorting out t-shirts in time for the 2015 conference, unfortunately! We should definitely try to do this for the 2016 conference, though!

There are still stickers! I have a backlog I need to send out to the speakers from last year’s conference :slight_smile: Send me your address if you want a stick! samer@samertm.com.