Dinner Meetup - 13 May 2015


Friends and family,

I’d like to have an informal dinner meetup on 13 May 2015.

Location needs:

  • Easily split check
  • Quiet-ish
  • Family friendly, teatotaller friendly

Location wants:

  • Laptops/wifi accessible?

My initial thought is one of the Osha Thai locations, but I’d love to have other ideas on the table.


Count me in! Let’s total some tea.


I thought you said you just turned 21? :stuck_out_tongue: You’re supposed to be constantly drunk from 21 to 21.25 years old!


[tea in one hand, beer in the other] I can do both!


I’m in; which Osha location were you thinking of?


Hm. Osha Thai sounds good, but the one on Embarcadero might not meet your requirements – it’s crazy noisy at dinner time.


Pakwan in the mission. It’s cheap, good, and BYOB from the liquor store across the street.


I was thinking of the one on 2nd and Howard. A bit off the beaten path and a bit more relaxed in atmosphere than the Embarcadero one.

Indian spot in the mission also sounds great.


Is this still on? I’m out of town most of this week but I can make it with a bit of planning.


Is now, yeah. Thanks for reminding me.

RSVP on Meetup


Is it okay to RSVP here? I’d like to join you.


Woops missed this :expressionless: I guess not, lol! In the future I’ll pay more attention to it, sorry.


Looks like there is a noisebridge meetup on wednesday:


Yup, and I’m bad at announcing them. Moving it to its own thread.